September UpDate

Still searching for a few items to improve the overall enjoyment from this website.....

  1. NEED Dedicated 1090Mhz antenna and feed line... app cost $89
  2. NEED Someone willing to make a bracket that is matched to pitch of my roof for additional tower section to attach too.
  3. NEED (2) UCA222 Audio capture devices for adding additional stand alone feeds. app $94
  4. NEED a replacement 8000 BTU A/C unit for Radio Room....  With 7 scanners 5 Computers 4 APC units and 1 IBM x3500m3 server it gets very warm in the room....  current A/C unit has failed and relying on fans.  app. $189
  Any Donation would be greatly appreciated 
    Thank You, ILOWASCAN.COM
**** These are NOT things I am asking for...  This is mainly a NOTE-TO-SELF of things that need to be addressed****

     Posted by:  Pat     On: Wed Sep 25, 2019 - 22:09 PM CDT