Aug Update

Current Known Site Issues......

  •  NOAA APT Server is not updating (writing new index for images) Currently working on coding issue.. (resolved 8/2/20)
  •  Static is heard some severe on DuBuque TGID's  .....   Working on a resolve with new Antenna ...
  •  Scanner Feed's may be reduced to 1 or 2 Live Feeds as Cost of Operation has exceeded my financial situation due to the Current COVID Crisis.


      If you can spare a $1 Please Donate to help with keeping all Feeds Operational



     Posted by:  Pat     On: Sat Aug 01, 2020 - 12:49 PM CDT


Haven't posted much on here lately due to workload...


Tower is coming along nicely and should be completed by end of month....

Some new antennas will also be installed to improve reception for QCA area and Dubuque Area..

New YAGI Antenna System (Co-Phased) for VHF (150-174Mhz) is being constructed to cover Eastern Carrol Co. better..

     Posted by:  Pat     On: Thu Jul 02, 2020 - 16:50 PM CDT

     March Update

Several things are needed to make the Scanner Feeds 100%.....

Here is an Amazon List.... Those wanting to help with some of the much needed items can do so from here.

 Amazon Wish List For ILOWASCAN FEEDS

Thanks everyone for the support and help when needed you all are amazing.....

 Stay Tuned....  More things coming in near future!

     Posted by:  Pat     On: Tue Mar 10, 2020 - 19:35 PM CDT

     P25 READY!

All ILOWASCAN Feeds are Digital ready!!!!!...........

With the deadline coming fast many agencies are scrambling to switch to Digital

ILOWASCAN is prepared with all feeds capable of Digital P25 Phase 1 and 50% are P25 Phase 2 READY!!

Don't miss anything!!! Bookmark us NOW!!!

     Posted by:  Pat     On: Fri Dec 27, 2019 - 19:33 PM CST