Website Maintenance

Repairs were made to all scanners including antenna feed cables that have been i n need of repair for some time...


Software updates have been performed as well as fixes to the scanner displays not rendering properly..


With added cost and expense this site and service is getting harder to maintain... Donations are always appreciated!




     Posted by:  Pat     On: Mon May 16, 2022 - 0:10 AM CDT

     PayPal & Subscriptions

Several people have sent money to get access to archives and scanners only to immediately have PayPal pull money back.... If you are wanting access when you send the Payment there is a note section in that section PLEASE put desired username and Email that you wish me to send login info.




Also if anyone wants to get ILOWASCAN a present for Christmas this is on our list

     Posted by:  Pat     On: Sat Dec 11, 2021 - 8:51 AM CST

     Hardware UpDates

Beginning on 8/1/2021 I will be doing multiple UpGrades to Hardware.....

These upgrades will cause some loss of service and WebSite usage at any given time until 8/30/2021

  * adding Wireless Digital Audio links for 3 Feeds (COMPLETED)

  * Isolating 3 feeds on their own USB Digital capture devices (COMPLETED)

  * Adding APT Decoder (NOAA Weather SAT) directly to Server rather than networked

  * Adding 2 RTLSDR Receivers that will be capture streamed for those wanting to watch the P25 Decoding of select Agencies

  * Adding 4 new APC Backup units for Scanners, Server and Internet (COMPLETED)

  * Adding 2 YAGI Antennas 1 for Clinton and 1 for Carroll (COMPLETED)

  * Relocating the VHF antenna 20' higher on Tower

  * Relocating 1090Mhz Antenna to Tower for enhanced Aircraft Mapping Coverage

  * Adding 1090Mhz specific LNA for Stronger Aircraft Signals

  * Relocating NOAA Quadrifilar Helix (QHA) to Tower

  * Adding 137Mhz preamp and sawtooth filter to NOAA Quadrifilar Helix (QHA) Antenna for Enhanced reception 

  * Adding VHF Yagi (2 maybe 3) 1 for Jackson Co. IA 1 for JoDaviess and 1 for Carroll East Fire/EMS units

  * Possibility of Discussion Forum Software added to website (ON HOLD)

  * Possibility of Mobile APP specifically for ILOWASCAN Feeds (ON HOLD)

  * Possibility of Weather Cam overlooking the Savanna Downtown area (ON HOLD)

  * Possibility of Mobile Alert feature added for "Hot Events"  (ON HOLD)


I thank you all for supporting ILOWASCAN and our ongoing mission of Public Disclosure of Public Safety Operations.

If you wish to help you may do so in many ways I accept old Scanners and Radios as well as some SAT TV components....

You may also Donate directly VIA PayPal link located on left side of page



     Posted by:  Pat     On: Tue Jul 27, 2021 - 10:27 AM CDT


 Carroll County SO has installed all new radios and testing has somewhat concluded.....

 All Law Enforcement Units will most likely be using STARCOM21 Radios from this date forward.

     Posted by:  Pat     On: Mon Jun 14, 2021 - 16:50 PM CDT