Server Upgrade

Server will be going OffLine @ app. 03:00 on 4/23


  1. New Sound Cards being added for better audio Quality and support of Future Feeds.
  2. System Software Updates.
  3. Adding Additional Signal Tap's for Future Feed's.
  4. Change Carroll Co. Feed over to BCD996XT.
  5. Change Whiteside Co. Feed over to PRO-163.

    Downtime will be App. 2 Hrs.


                           EDIT: New Scanners will be delayed until Thur. 4/25 .... 

                                 Waiting on NULL Modems for Serial Cables....

                                 New Sound cards will be installed late tonight. 

     Posted by:  Pat     On: Mon Apr 22, 2019 - 17:08 PM CDT